The NYC Pizza Quest
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As you may have noticed, I've been a little quiet for the past few weeks as I got caught up with my move to New York. Now that I'm all settled in though, Kitchen Critics and I are ready to embark on a fun new quest: the search for New York's best pizza!

It's no secret that pizza is abundantly available across the city. Little corner pizza-by-the-slice shops can be found on every other block while fancier, sit-down pizzerias are not scarce by any means. The tremendous amount of pizza restaurants available may prove to be overwhelming, but hey, can you really complain when you're scarfing down delicious slice after cheesy slice? I certainly don't plan to!

So, I've been on this rant for a while now, but have yet to explain my game plan. I can't possibly try every pizza shop in the city and yet I'm embarking on a journey that implies that I've done so. Alas, that's why I need your help. I need you--my readers, friends and family--to send me your recommendations. Tell me about your favorite New York pizzeria and I'll try it out and review it. The top five joints will then be reviewed a second time and a winner will be selected. So ladies and gentlemen, please indicate your pizzerias of choice in the comments below and help me with the NYC Pizza Quest!

And as always, happy eating!

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